Vaccines are being adminstered in various places, such as Clinics, Pharmacies, Community Health Centers, Nonprofits (eg, YMCA), but there is no simple way for patients to maintain their vaccine information online in a stable, easily accessible location. We are looking for any Google Flutter developers or React developers who can come up with a simple solution to solve this problem for students, consumers and travellers who need instant access to their Vaccine Card information.

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1) Take photo of Vaxx card*
2) click upload button
3) click the Gmail account you want to use
4) click on sync data
5) Add tags:  pharmacy name, vaccine mfr, date, Email ID, place



Vadim Selyakov

Vadim Selyakov
Education Mentor

Uladzislau Baryshchyk

Uladzislau Baryshchyk
Full Stack Software Developer

Judging Criteria

  • Relevance
    Submissions must be relevant and applicable for both mobile and cloud environments using Android,iOS and Google Drive for storage of user data using user credentials

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